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Mami’s Place, Fresh Ingredients, Delicious Food

Right behind the Xolos stadium, in an area known as La Herradura, there is a cute, fresh, delicious restaurant, Mami’s Place. It offers both indoor and outdoor seating as well as a variety of food, drinks, and daily specials.

Outside the restaurant. It's right by a roundabout and a Soriana.
Outside the restaurant. It’s right by a roundabout and a Soriana.

Mami’s Place offers pizzas, salads, paninis, appetizers, fresh juices, wine and beer. You can also ask for the “platillo del dia,” the menu of the day. Today there was chicken or fish with vegetables and rice, both accompanied by beet soup. However, I chose to split a salad and a shrimp pizza.

The House Salad. plenty of colors to brighten your day!
The House Salad. plenty of colors to brighten your day!

The health starts as soon as you are offered the “wait for us snack,” whereas most restaurants give tortilla chips or bread, Mami’s Place gives you carrots and cucumbers with Tajin, a chile powder used on fruits and vegetables.

Fresh squeezed green and energetic juices as well as a fresh garden salad, what else could you ask for?
Fresh squeezed green and energetic juices as well as a fresh garden salad, what else could you ask for?

We ordered the House Salad, which had mixed salad greens, tomatoes and red onions. However the salad selection was varied and offered a red berry salad, a salad with orange slices, among other healthy options. You could either choose the small or large portion, because we said that we would be sharing, we got both a large salad and pizza. A lot of food!

A feast for two!
A feast for two!

There are many pizzas to choose from, whether you are vegetarian, pescatarian or a meat lover, there will be a pizza for you. The “camaron” pizza is shrimp pizza with chipotle seasoning and fresh avocados. It was the perfect amount of spicy and if you wanted more spice, they offer jalapenos and spicy olive oil.

Healthy combo
Healthy combo

The service is great and from the fresh juices to the freshly made pizza and salad, everything is served on time. Just make sure you specify which portion you want, otherwise the waitress will assume you are famished. To make sure the service is fast, the waitress gives you a buzzer in case you need something urgently.

Highly recommend this quaint restaurant. If you’ve been let me know if you liked it!

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A Perfect Beach Day

When one envisions surfing, one sees warm California beaches with palm trees swaying and surfers in shorts or bikinis on their longboards…. What many people don’t picture are the dozens of surfers lined up. That’s why many of these SoCal surfers come to Northern Baja… EMPTY LINE-UPS.

The way in… a dirt road with little parking

Along the coast you’ll see miles and miles of empty waves, some places are more accessible than others but one thing is for sure, the waves are great and mostly uncrowded in all spots. (The water is colder than our northern neighbors, but that’s why wetsuits were invented!)

Have your photographer sit here as you surf
Have your photographer sit here as you surf

Before you go, you should check out the surf report that way you’ll make sure the waves are good and the wind isn’t too strong.  If the conditions aren’t great in one spot, there’s a chance they’ll be better in other places, just keep driving south.

It’s not just surfing, you can tan or bring your dog to run around

Even if you can’t find waves, take advantage of the nice weather we’ve been having all winter and just relax on the beach or go for a swim. It’s better than being on a crowded beach in San Diego or a snowy beach in New England. Some beaches have bars, hotels, restaurants overlooking the ocean where you can enjoy a cold beer or margarita.

Surfers having fun

When you decide to travel south, you can either camp at many of the hotels on the coast or you can camp at a couple of the campsites (most notable is Km 55 near La Fonda). It’s not recommended to camp on the beach but campsites are perfectly safe!

*Disclaimer: surfing is more fun without people, so I’ll show you that there are spots but I won’t tell you where they are. Sorry!