Canon de Guadalupe

After driving for what felt like forever down a dirt road we arrived to the Canon de Guadalupe.

We chose to go there on the coldest winter in January so there was not much going on. However, after looking at the website, there are basic necessities provided and fun activities to take part in, mud baths, music making, wall paintings and cool pools (not only hot tubs).

The view driving into the  campsite.
The view driving into the campsite.

The Cañón de Guadalupe (Guadalupe Canyon) is a natural hot spring site 140 miles away from San Diego. It has camping spots, showers, bathrooms, big hot tubs and great views. Once there, you can walk around the mountains or sit in the hot tubs while the rest of your party climbs.

One of the many hot tubs around the campsite. All are very clean and well-maintained

When you arrive, you will feel like you are alone, there is no phone or internet service and it’s very quiet (and safe!). There are no supermarkets or food available at the campsite, you must come prepared as the closest Oxxo is pretty far away. However there are all the installations to have a barbecue and bonfire, but you are in charge  of bringing the wood and charcoal.

Our bonfire, it helped us keep warm as we chose to go the coldest night of January.

A possible hike is up one of the many mountains surrounding the campsite, you can look out onto the Laguna Salada, a dried up lake  near Mexicali. Another hike follows the many waterfalls that are in the area. You can explore at your will because there is much to be discovered!

A short hike up the mountain and my dad was able to take a picture of the view from above.

How to get there: A lot of it is on regular highway, you need to go through the Rumurosa, a unique mountain formation; and the tolls are quite high so have at least 200 pesos each way because the toll booths do not accept foreign credit cards. Once you get out of the Rumurosa you will see a sign that says “Cañón de Guadalupe” follow it on a dirt road, take a left at the sign and you will get to the camp site.

Caraving into the camp site. The drive was quite bumpy
Caravaning into the camp site. The drive was quite bumpy

I can assure you we never felt unsafe and (apart from the cold) we enjoyed our visit.

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