Crossing the Border

The San Ysidro border is the busiest land border in the world, more people cross it on any given day than anywhere else. With so many people crossing, some people will have bad experiences and others will wait a long time; nevertheless, that does not mean your experience needs to be bad!

Here are some tips that can facilitate your crossing into the US:

1. If you are going to be crossing a lot, consider investing in a Sentri or Global Entry card. This can turn your two hour wait into a 5 minute wait (it obviously depends on how many cars there are but it will always be shorter than the regular lane).

2. Before you go, call 664 700 7000 it is a phone line where they tell you how many lanes are open and how many cars there are. You can also take a look at this webcam to see how many cars there are. If there are a lot, have dinner in Tijuana and wait till the line dies down; you’ll be waiting the same amount of time but you’ll be able to enjoy one of Tijuana`s many delicious restaurants.

3. The busiest times are right before rush hour in the morning (on week-days, from 7 am to 8:30 am) and when moms are picking up their kids from school (2 pm to 3:30). On week-days it is busy in the late morning and early afternoon as people are going shopping in the US. It`s best to cross later in the afternoon or evening. Sunday nights are the worst because people are crossing back from their week-end.

Tips on crossing into the US:

1. Don’t try crossing during the afternoon rush hour because people are going home. Apart from then, it’s usually pretty fast.

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