San Ignacio

San Ignacio is located exactly in the middle of the peninsula, in the middle horizontally (in the middle of the desert) and vertically (pretty much equal distance between Tijuana and Cabo). This makes it a little hard to get to, driving from San Diego it’s about 10 hours without stopping, make sure you leave early so you don’t end up driving in the dark! You won’t miss it because after driving in hours of cactus filled desert you’ll stumble upon an oasis. That’s San Ignacio.

The body of water that helps the palm trees grow. There are a couple campsites on the water.

In the village, there are a few hotels and campsites along the water, almost none of them accept credit cards. Rice and Beans and the Desert Inn are the two that do. Rice and Beans, despite its strange name has very good food (there is also one in San Felipe). Casa Lerée is another hotel to keep in mind, it`s in the center of town and has a very nice, homey feel. Keep in mind there are no ATMs in the village so make sure you have enough cash for your visit.

The San Ignacio Mission, founded by Jesuits in 1728

The San Ignacio Mission was first settled in 1728 by Jesuits. It’s a nice little village, very different from anything you’ll see as you are driving south. The area is very interesting as there are various cave painting sites (some you need to ride a mule for a few days, some only take a day) and from mid January to mid April the whales come south to mate in the Lagoon. There are a couple eco-lodges and campsites that can accommodate you if you wish to see these giant animals.

This is the road coming back from trying to see the whales, unfortunately we were a month early. The road is in pretty good condition and takes about 45 minutes from the village.

This is an interesting little village that will take you back a couple decades without losing too many modern day commodities. It can either be a destination or a stopping point on your way south but it’s definitely worth checking out!

The only whale we saw.
The only whale we saw.

Driving directions: In order to get to San Ignacio, you must follow Mexico 1, from San Diego, it`s about a 10 hour drive, make sure you get cash and gas in the bigger cities because you never know how long until you see the next ATM/gas station (and you never know if the gas station will take cards!). You will know you are getting close when you pass Guerrero Negro, there`s one more town and you finally arrive to your destination! 


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