Recently, Mexico has had a bad reputation. Some of it has been deserved but a lot of the rumors that run wild are not true and should be ignored.

I have been living in Tijuana, one of the world’s most infamous cities for the past year, and I can promise that the bad press the city gets is not all people should worry about. Tijuana is a great city with great people who are trying to fix their city’s awful reputation. And what applies to the city also applies to most parts of the country; in particular Baja California.

Baja is a beautiful peninsula with much to offer. There is camping, hiking, surfing, whale watching, swimming, diving and many others things that can be done.

So please, check out this blog and stop thinking badly about Baja California. Come and join in on the adventure!

10 thoughts on “About”

    1. Hi, I completely agree. I have never said to not keep travel warnings in mind; however, if you are careful about what you do, you will enjoy Mexico. This blog is about getting to know Baja California and change the image. Of course, there are many problems in the country but this blog is about the good Baja has to offer.

      As you have probably heard, accidents can happen everywhere, even in the US.

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