Day trip to the Valle de Guadalupe

Finally, after months of wanting to go to the Finca Altozano, we were able to eat at one of the Valle’s most famous restaurants! After waiting around the house for too long and stopping to get gas, we headed to the Valle de Guadalupe. We were excited for the trip and are lucky we decided to pack our swim suits for a post-Valle swim at La Fonda. Otherwise, my sister who has been in England for the past three years, would have never wanted to return!

View of the Finca from the top. Can you think of a better place to spend the afternoon?
View of the Finca from the top. Can you think of a better place to spend the afternoon?

We left TIjuana, it was a nice high 70s/low 80s and as we started approaching the Valle, it started getting hotter and hotter; finally stopping at a pleasant 100 degrees… We got to the Finca and though it looked empty, every single table was reserved (make sure you reserve at the beginning of the week otherwise you won’t be able to get a table). Our table was in the shade, unfortunately not under a fan but there was a light breeze. While waiting for our food, we walked around the grounds. 

They have a garden where they grow their spices and vegetables
They have a garden where they grow their spices and vegetables

This restaurant is the perfect example of farm to table cooking. They take advantage of the space surrounding the restaurant and leave space for a garden and a place for pigs, goats and chickens… Which will later make an appearance on your plate. 

Goats enjoying their lunch, before knowing they'll become yours
Goats enjoying their lunch, without knowing they’ll soon become yours

For lunch, we ordered the Chorizo de Res y Chistorra a la Lena as our appetizer, chistorra is a Spanish chorizo, both are made in house.  It was very tasty and well presented; you can either eat them alone or with a piece of bread. 

Then, we each ordered our meal. My dad got the Pulpo Pacifico a las Brasas.  It came in the same platter as the chorizo and was very good. Sometimes, octopus is chewy and not very good, this was not the case! My sister and I had the Birria de Borrego (she had no idea what she was ordering). Birria is a traditional dish from Jalisco and is a soup made of many spices and served with tortillas. 


My mom, who does not like eating meat, ordered the Mini Tacos de Ceviche Pulpo Verde and the Tostada de Ahi. Both looked a lot cooler than our warm meals but we did not complain as what we had eaten was delicious.  

Tostada de Ahi
Tostada de Ahi
Mini tostadas
Mini tostadas

To accompany our meal, there was a large selection of local wines and cocktails made in house. We chose a bottle of Don Luis from LA Cetto and tried some sangria and a pomegranate sparkling drink with, of course, a lot of water! Because it was too hot, we did not try the desserts but there are a couple that sound quite good. 

As always, it's busy at the Finca
As always, it’s busy at the Finca

The food was delicious and the setting pretty great, but in 100 degree weather it’s hard not be hot. It’s nice that it’s outdoors and you are in nature. When you’re done with your meal, or waiting to be seated, there are wooden vats that have been re-purposed for you to sit, enjoy a drink, and enjoy the view. 


 After the Finca, we checked out Monte Xanic, one of the Valle’s oldest wineries. They have just renovated their facilities and it’s quite nice (although I can’t compare it to before). The winery is located atop a hill and looks over a lake with clear water. By the water, you can enjoy wine tastings and relax before you check out the next winery. 


 After Monte Xanic, we drove over to Vinas de Garza for a wine tasting. For $100 pesos you can try white wines and for $150 pesos, red wine. While you taste, you can order a cheese plate or olives. 


 It’s a pretty winery, the rows and rows of vines make you think you are in a French vineyard. There is a nice breeze at the top of the hill and a lot of shade to protect you from the sun. It would be a nice place for an afternoon drink. But we were too hot, so we tasted the wine and went straight to the beach. 


La Fonda is a very nice beach, with a weird, noisy airplane, but apart from that it’s a great place to relax and watch the sunset. Once it starts getting chilly, go to the restaurant and order a beer or margarita. It’s probably one of the best places in Northern Baja to end the night. 


 Though the Valle is a great place to visit and has much to offer. Make sure you don’t go there on a very hot day. Most of the places take advantage of the area’s wind and have outdoor seating with no protection from the heat. September and October should be good months to check out what the Valle has to offer, because there is much to be discovered there!



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