Ensenada’s Todos Santos Bay Becomes One of Six World Surf Reserves

Because of the consistency and quality of its waves as well as vibrant marine life and history, San Miguel is where Mexican surfing started, today the Todos Santos Bay was inaugurated as the world’s sixth surf reserve. This means that no construction can be made on either of the five beaches, Salsipuedes, San Miguel, Stack’s, 3emes, and Todos Santos, and that access must be guaranteed. A win for surfers and ocean lovers!

Surfers coming back from the paddle out

The project started in 2007, when a group of friends found out that developers wanted to built ports and piers at their favorite surf spots. So, they got together and called the Surfrider Foundation asking for help. Surfrider told them they could protect their spots, but they would have to fight, no one would do it for them. Since then, an international collaboration between Surf Ens, Pronatura, Save the Waves and Costa Salvaje has helped the San Miguel bay become an international surf reserve.

Kids describing what surfing means to them

Each of these five beaches brings something to the beaches of Mexico. San Miguel was the first spot to welcome American surfers. Although it is now private, Salsipuedes has gained an international reputation for the quality of its break and beach. 3emes and Stack’s welcome surfers of all levels while Todos Santos/Killers attract big waves and welcomes the Big Wave Tour.

Can you see Todos Santos in the distance?

The event was held at San Miguel, the first Mexican beach to welcome surfing in the 50s and today an iconic spot, both for American and Mexican surfers. It started with a paddle out, followed by a dance by an indigenous group, and a talk by people who supported the project and, most importantly, those who put the project together.

Ensenada surfers celebrating their success

The event really was an international success. It is great to see that surfers will be able to keep enjoying these great breaks without fear they will be developed upon. And thank you to those surfers, who for the past seven years have fought hard to keep their beaches free. Thank you for your hard work!

One of the many reasons San Miguel is a world surf reserve
One of the many reasons San Miguel is a world surf reserve

Although the waves today were not the famed San Miguel waves, this meant that people were there to listen to the speakers (and were not distracted by the break’s famous rights).

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